Jackie Bell


Jackie Bell is one of a kind - let us tell you a bit about her! Ever since childhood, Jackie has dreamed of becoming an astronaut. Told that she would never achieve her dream and should pursue a more realistic career by school friends and teachers, Jackie felt disheartened, but she didn’t let that deter her. Becoming the first in her family to go to University, Jackie studied Mathematics at the University of Liverpool and was later awarded a John Lennon Memorial Scholarship to study a PhD in Theoretical Particle Physics.  


On the path to achieving her dreams, Jackie participated in the BBC documentary series “Astronauts: Do you have what it takes?” hosted by Chris Hadfield (First Canadian Astronaut and Former Commander of the International Space Station).


Jackie Bell 


There were many tests involved, from memory evaluation and helicopter hovering to an underwater helicopter survival experience when she didn’t even know how to swim! Despite the challenges, her spirit and endurance were impeccable. Although Jackie didn’t win the show, she became an inspiring role model ever since, especially for women and lots of little girls out there. Her incredible story has taught them that whatever your dream is, you have to face your fears and follow your dreams.


Jackie is working toward her pilot license and dreams of becoming the second person from Liverpool in Space (after Dave Lister from Red Dwarf, her favourite Space TV Show when she was little). She is a fierce advocate for women in STEM and “genuinely believes that anyone can be anything that they want to be if they put in enough effort and are really passionate about what they want…”


Owain and I met Jackie at the New Scientist Live event in 2019 and felt a connection and alignment in our messages straight away! We too want to inspire young females out there who want to become the next Scientist or Engineer, and BELIEVE that they CAN. Since then, we began working together to bring you the first of many small capsules of clothing in complete collaboration with Jackie, we hope you like them as much as we do!


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