About us



Hi, this is my family, we are Fern, Owain, Iola, Effi and baby Enis (missing on this gif).  I built this brand to stand for more than clothes. It stands for what you love. It’s here to tell the world that your passions, whatever they may be, are worth sharing with the world! Sometimes these may fall outside of whatever is considered fashionable, but since when did your brains and your smarts had to be ruled by society.

Here, I hope you can find a VOICE to express yourself through clothing that makes a positive statement. It’s often said, we are what we wear, so we should wear things that tell the world who who we REALLY ARE.

We can’t be what we can’t see. So, show the world, for yourself and for other generations, that THIS is who you are, and be PROUD of it. Love STEM and join our Girl Power Tribe.





Our brand seeks to change the conversation about what it means to be a girl through clothing with an empowering social messaging. From superheroes to dinosaurs and from space exploration to mining, girls have interests beyond what is currently on offer for them.

Every day I witness a glaring gap in the girls’ fashion industry and in today’s clothing market, options are woefully limited and frustratingly gender stereotyped. Our girls are MORE than pretty - They’re pretty powerful and pretty smart and the clothing choices available to them should reflect that reality.


We believe that our children, and especially our girls, deserve better when it comes to clothing choices. They deserve clothing that tells the world who they really are, what they really like, and how their intelligence is more important than their pretty faces.

When girls find STEM in clothing their confidence in themselves, their interests, and their abilities grow. They know they are smart, they know they have options, and they know their interests matter.

So, check us out and help empower girls to embrace their individuality and curiosity through clothing that makes a positive statement.