As we begin this amazing adventure to develop this sustainable powerful brand for alternative options for girls clothing that inspire, empower, innovate and motivate, we have realised that what we already strive to do in home and family life is really applicable and authentic for our business also.



COLLABORATE - to work jointly on an activity, project or campaign.

From the wintery January of 2018 to now, our collaborations have been the bedrock of getting the idea, the brand, the products, the money and the mission to build the iOLa & eFFi brand to where we are today. It will continue to be a massive part of our company development, but we wanted to reflect on where we have come this 1st year of pre-production business development. The power and depth of experience in our nearly all women collaboration group have such great examples for our girls of Strong Independent Females (Oooh Lets get that trending #SIF,#StrongIndepentFemales) that we wanted to celebrate it here.


APPRECIATE - to recognise the full worth

As some of our other blogs have talked about, a girl and then a woman's ability to recognise their full worth is not always prevalent in womanhood. Brain imprinting and limiting beliefs from negative patterns developed during girlhood means we are overly critical, sometimes self-destructive, and often results in us believing that perfection is the only acceptable result, anything less is not even worth starting to try. Raising girls to have the courage to still try and fail at something but learn along the way is to Appreciate their full worth. when applying for jobs, women only apply for roles where they meet more than 90% of the job description, men; they will apply even if they only meet 60% or less. Our Brand wants to encourage mum and dads to help their daughters to recognise and appreciate their full worth early in their childhood, to set them up for continued success in adulthood.


NECESSITATE - make something/someone necessary to happen as a result or consequence

As we have gone down this journey of parenthood and now into the anxious and scary world of entrepreneurship and business ownership we have come to realise the true value of the meaning necessitate. It has really been the driving force behind getting us on this journey. From finding myself having to buy clothes from the boy section that appealed to my daughters and satisfied my tastes as a mum also, I felt the need to create girls clothing options. As our mentors from the Industry Rockstar (Kane & Alessia Mentor program, see below) told us on our first call, Activity Brings Clarity - the ABC of Start-Ups. The need to be active became clearer as we took our first step in designing the clothes to finding manufacturers, branding and so on. 


DEDICATE - devote time or effort to a particular task, purpose or person

As you may be aware, we have dedicated this brand to our Daughters. they have brought us the drive and inspiration to take action and do something about the clothing options for girls and get involved in a higher purpose for female empowerment. The dedication that has been shown to us in terms of support from friends and family and the collaboration network that we have around has been truly astounding also and so our dedication to keeping going through the ups and downs of starting a business has been because of some many people believing in us to succeed.


OBLIGATE - require or compel someone to undertake a legal or moral duty

In many ways, we have found that parenthood has recalibrated our moral compass and perspective on things that truly matter to us as parents, adults, family and humans. We do feel obligated to bring these products, messages and drive to the girls clothing world in whatever impact we all can muster. So as Kane & Alessia our mentors say, we will 'Make an impact, Leave a Legacy, Change the World'! You included, oh gracious reader!



Below are some short Bio's of our collaboration network and this whole journey has come together from collaborating with some truly awesome people, mostly women as you'll see... just saying...


'Sisters' doing it for themselves and all that.

Mahima - the Mahima Mindset, self-mastery mentor & international best selling author - Switzerland

From a random post on Facebook about 'owning your superstar', I met my mindset mentor Mahima. Mahima unlocked my limiting beliefs and brought internal peace and transformation to find the drive to realise my genius (creating beautiful things to inspire), which was within me but buried for a long time. Without Mahima, I wouldn't be the strong independent female I am today.


Nicola Evans - a different kind of entrepreneur - business coach and Founder of Bonnie & Pearl Doll Company - UK

An important aspect of my home life is the collaboration that my husband and I have established in our marriage. The support and enthusiasm for both of us to share the ups and the downs in equal measure has been the bedrock of us as a couple and now as parents. But it’s another part of my husband’s qualities that created the next collaboration… THE WELSH CONNECTION!

Nicola Evans – a successful entrepreneur and business coach, Welshie and old school network.

Over 6 yrs from 2012 Nicola built single handed the UK’s most successful Doll brand, reaching royal recognition and Harrods front window exhibit, top toy sales several years in a row and featured in the 2018 Peter Rabbit movie – Bonnie & Pearl Doll Company had been Nicola’s dream & passion since she was 13. Successfully fulfilled the childhood dream, Nicola was wanting to share her knowledge and experience with other female dreamers and doers and was looking for applicants through Facebook. My husband saw the post and wrote a message to his childhood pal and within days Nicola and I hit it off with weekly calls and amazing coaching sessions, business building and networks strategy. We couldn't have got this far without Nicola's clear thinking, incessant list-making and ever-expanding network.

Kyle Burrows - Successful Business owner, Graph.Design. & former Police Officer - UK

With Nicola's involvement came Kyle - her brother. Kyle was instrumental in developing the designs, colouring and branding look of everything from our logos, packaging as well as the online presence. Assisting Fern in getting the design polished Kyle was really patient and so enthusiastic in everything he does.


Alessia & Kane Minkus - #1 Global Business Coaches Award-winning mentors - USA & Italy 

With Mahima as one of their star swiss alumni from the award-winning business mentoring program and network, we were fortunate enough to attend an introductory 3day course with Kane and Alessia, end we've been in the program ever since. With unparalleled pedigree and experience sharing coaching stages and time with the likes of Sir Richard Branson and Tony Robbins, and working alongside people like Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, Robert Kiyosoki and more. Kane & Alessia have successfully started and maintained over 40+ companies with a revenue of over $300M USD, as well as mentoring to over 400,000 people at events and reaching over 3 Million online. Their motto and one that we like to abide by as much as possible is "Make an Impact, Change the World, Leave a Legacy" - there could not be more synergy than that for our vision.


Korie Minkus - Industry Rockstar CEO, Award-winning mentor program - USA

Korie was the person we first pitched our initial idea of the brand to. Immediately connecting with us and the idea, she has been our strong independent mentor, showing love and support for what we're doing but equally keepin' it real for us when we needed to hear it, our first call brought us down to earth about what this journey would really take. 


Karla & Andy Rambock - Codelavi - online marketing gurus and champion coders - Austria

At the very first day of our trial weekend with the Kane & Alessia program, we met this dynamic duo. It was serendipity at work, Karla and I really connected as Strong Independent Females (come on keeping trending it #SIF #StrongIndpendentFemales) just being sat next to each other, whilst my husband was randomly sat next to Karla's husband Andy. Little did we know but 3 days later we would be great friends and realised that we needed each other's businesses to launch an awesome working connection and long term relationship. This power couple is the reason you are able to read this blog and visit this website, the funky functions on the homepage and the classy navigation is all Andy and Karla's hard work. On top of that, we have now a solid digital online social media strategy and continued success and support in developing collaborations, all from Karla's awesome drive and enthusiasm for her clients. 


Irena Raceivic - Virtual PA, Social Media Manager and all round organiser - Serbia

Irena came to us via my desire to be a mumpreneur and have it all going, we don't do things by halves! I was sure though that in order to keep doing the highest income generating activities for me and my girls, I would need help. I found who provide Virtual PA assistants on different monthly requirements. Irena was seconded to us and really resonated and clicked with us and the message. Yet another #SIF she has been really pushing forward our social media campaigns and keeping things clean and consistent with our online presence, a godsend for us, a '1-a-year' FB poster normally. 


Carmen Sirboiu - Photographer, designer & Marketing guru - Romania / Switzerland

Carmen came to us through the little universe we have access to in the Multiply Your Impact group in our mentorship package. With a glowing reference and real passion, we instantly clicked. Carmen created such a fun place to be inside a basement studio for a product photo shoot for 9 unruly girls that didn't really know each other. I think you can agree that the shots we have really capture the fun from the shoot and the sneaky 'behind-the-scenes video was a real added extra that we are over the moon about. Once you get a good Photographer you can trust - KEEP HOLD OF THEM - they are like gold dust. 



Irina Burtseva - Artist, Graphic Artist and Designer - Russia

Kai Klinge, Mahima's husband was the one who got me onto the power and value of the online services market trader Fiverr. There I found Irina, a designer that could provide the foundation for our Mining print. This collaboration opened up our already global network further. 

Valeriia Domino - artist, Graphic Designer and Digital Artist - Ukraine

Valeriia was also a great contributor for me to develop the prints for some of our other collections like Gertie the Chemist, Tina the Astronaut and some of our other prints like Amelia the pilot, Ada the coder girl and Nina our x-games/skater girl. With those inspirations from Valeriia, I have been able to move forward with creating the repeat prints and soon will be able to release them in the next collections.

Kelly Westeen - wordsmith supremo and soon to be Dr. of English - USA

Kelly has created the fun but important language for all parts of our website messaging. When we have found ourselves stuck in repetitive synonyms or lengthy complicated sentences, Kelly has come to our rescue to refine and 'jazz up' our website copy. Needless to say, if you've read this far through then we seemed to have learnt a thing or two from Kelly about keeping our readers engaged because this blog slipped through the copywriters net and we have been unleashed / unedited. 


Thank you for sticking with it and we hope it was informative and entertaining, inspiring and educational.

With love,