Messaging Matters
The mainstream clothing our children wear perpetuates powerful gender stereotypes. And for girls, clothing options are especially limited in style and themes.

Bows and hearts and princesses and cute slogans put more value on their looks rather than how smart or ambitious they are and what friendship really means. At iOLa & eFFi, we seek to change the social norms around girls’ clothing to show girls, and just as importantly the boys see it as normal, that girls’ interests matter, that they can be anything they want to be, and that they don’t have to be ashamed to outwardly share their passions with the world, whether they’re traditionally girly or not. 

iOLa & eFFi is proud to be part of a very important movement that celebrates the fact that girls can be anything they want to be and wear whatever they want to wear. Our clothing breaks the gender stereotypes that our kids are inundated with every day. The fact is, our clothing is an extension of who we are, and by creating more powerful and gender-equal messaging for our girls--and for the boys to see it day after day--it can positively influence their perceptions of their power, intelligence and equal interactions as they grow up together.
Don’t take it from us. Check out this compelling research about the messages kids are getting from their clothing:


If like us as parents, you are looking for more empowering clothing for your girls, then check out our website and fall in love with our new collections.

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